Why the Thoughts of your Customer Matter?

I will cite an example from my own personal experience. I have a grueling day on most of my weekday routine and I need to plan my day well ahead in advance from completing my responsibilities as a consultant and my household chore which mostly includes grocery shopping. Like most of us, most of my work is done through computers. I wake up early morning, get done with my morning ablutions, I have my breakfast and then I sit down to begin my work, which I plan in my head that it must be completed within a set time frame. These planning are important as I need to prioritize my work life from my personal life.

I had just purchased an internet connection from a well-known Wi-Fi service provider so that I didn’t face any problems in my work flow. After a matter of few minutes the internet connection started showing signs of distortion. Though not a tech savvy, I tried using my common sense to the maximum to resolve the problem. I referred to the booklet which is provided at the time of purchase. I followed the instructions provided in the booklet but to no avail. I began reading he section again but then I realized that I am running out of time so in order to get done with it, I preferred dialing the helpline number.

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