Manage Customer Support Metrics Better with Call Center Outsourcing Services

When your customers are kept satisfied, your business’s image improves. But maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction is not an easy task. A lot of things need to fall into place for achieving the desired results. From a management’s point of view, certain customer support and process metrics need to be maintained. So, while choosing call center outsourcing company, it is vital that you choose a vendor who can deliver on Service Level Agreement (SLA) and keep the metrics as per expectations.

4 Essential Metrics Every Call Center Outsourcing Company Should Focus On

There are many call center metrics that need to be supervised for consistent call center operations. However, there are certain metrics that are more important than others. Below is a list of crucial call center metrics that every call center outsourcing companies should focus upon:

Agent Response Time

When it comes to phone support, there is a certain time within which customers expect the call to be answered. A survey has found that 3 minutes is considered to be a reasonable time by customers while waiting in a call center queue. And, 24 hours is considered to be an acceptable time limit while waiting for a response over email. To enforce the response time metrics, management and QAs need to be on their toes. They should check that agents are not wasting time on call wrap ups, and at the same time maintaining an acceptable Average Handling Time (AHT).

First Call Resolution (FCR)

A call center outsourcing services with skillful and well-trained agents can help you maintain a good FCR. Due to their knowledge and expertise in the process, agents are able to understand the problem instantly and guide the customers towards the resolution quickly. It is also important that the management sorts out difficult issues from the simpler issues and creates categories in the Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) menu, which allow customers to reach the right department. For example, if an issue is difficult and tier-1 agents are expected to take a longer time in resolving them, then the customers should be directly routed to tier-2 agents.

Call Abandon Rate

When a customer calls in for getting help, he expects someone to receive the call. But unfortunately, it is not always the case. Due to one reason or another, calls often get disconnected and the customers are left in a lurch. Although it is almost impossible to attend every call that is made by every customer (due to technical issues and other process-related reasons), the call abandon rate should still be kept within acceptable limits. Choose call center outsourcing services that conform to the SLA and maintain the call abandon rate as per your expectations.

Hold and Mute Time

Some agents simply love to put customer on hold and take a rest while wasting customers precious time. Mostly, it happens in call centers that are not run professionally. A seasoned call center outsourcing company offers incentives to its agents to maintain a low hold and mute time. The agents are also disciplined by Quality Analysts (QAs) if they are observed to be indulging in such unethical practices. Hence, hold and mute times are always maintained when you partner with a veteran call center outsourcing vendor.

At Callcenterglobally, we have a track record of maintaining customer support metrics exactly as per the requirement of our clients. We adhere to the SLA and ensure that your customers get the best experience, and the level of customer satisfaction always remains high.

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