An Overview of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

From its inception in 1970s, the IVR technology has kept on supporting the companies across the world in enhancing their communication with the customers.

Interactive voice response or IVR is a system in which there is interaction of computers with humans which is operated through a combination of software, telephonic equipment and databases. The technology is used in multiple sectors like banking, hospital, retail, hospitality and restaurants etc.

Technology Used in IVR

Speech recognition and DMTF are two basic technologies which are used to receive the input into IVR system. In DMTF method, the button pressed by the user on phone acts a signal for the computer. These signals are interpreted by computer using telephony card. A suitable response is then generated by the computer which is heard by the caller.

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Why Hire an Order Taking Call Center Service

Business is all about gaining profit from wise decisions taken at the right time. And considering the option of outsourcing your order taking process can indeed prove to be fruitful for your business.

Several call centers offer order taking service in their catalogue of inbound services. These services are usually modified by the companies as per the requirements of the business.

The order taking service can be a vital process for various small and medium sized businesses like:

• Delivery restaurants
• E-commerce companies
• Pet supplies
• Flower and gift stores
• Insurance services

Let’s go through major perks linked to the hiring of order taking call center companies:

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Telecom Billing Solutions: Game Changer in the Telecom Industry

Telecom industry in the present era is focusing on 5G technology which is going to change the scenario of communication system.

Other than innovation of new technologies, having a robust billing is also must for a company to survive in the market.

Telecom billing solutions have modified the process of bill generation to a great extent. This has benefited both the customers and telecom companies, thereby creating a win-win situation.

Here are five major benefits which are linked to telecom billing solutions which are popular in market:

Saves the Company by Giving Accuracy in Billing

A telecom company deals with huge customer base which can reach up to millions. In this scenario, creating a highly efficient and accurate system for billing becomes crucial.

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Benefits of Hiring Customer Service Outsourcing Agencies

Business magnate Warren Buffet has rightly said, ““It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

And the reputation of any company lies in the quality of customer service. Outsourcing the customer support services is the trend which will never go out of fashion in business world.

But often, the entrepreneurs have second thoughts about outsourcing.

It is imperative for someone to have confusion related to outsourcing of customer support services.

But one can’t deny the fact that outsourcing of this process comes with multiple perks tied to it.

Here are the major advantages which prove that contracting out customer support service is the best decision of a company.

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Why the Thoughts of your Customer Matter?

I will cite an example from my own personal experience. I have a grueling day on most of my weekday routine and I need to plan my day well ahead in advance from completing my responsibilities as a consultant and my household chore which mostly includes grocery shopping. Like most of us, most of my work is done through computers. I wake up early morning, get done with my morning ablutions, I have my breakfast and then I sit down to begin my work, which I plan in my head that it must be completed within a set time frame. These planning are important as I need to prioritize my work life from my personal life.

I had just purchased an internet connection from a well-known Wi-Fi service provider so that I didn’t face any problems in my work flow. After a matter of few minutes the internet connection started showing signs of distortion. Though not a tech savvy, I tried using my common sense to the maximum to resolve the problem. I referred to the booklet which is provided at the time of purchase. I followed the instructions provided in the booklet but to no avail. I began reading he section again but then I realized that I am running out of time so in order to get done with it, I preferred dialing the helpline number.

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Why Outsourcing Call Center Services are Preferred by Companies?

During the Industrial era companies had one huge building that owned, handled and directly controlled the assets and the processes. Towards the center of the 20th Century, diversification had become the tradition and these required layers of administration which called for immense supervision resulting in an organization which was overstuffed with workers. By the 1980’s outsourcing gradually began to show popularity. Publishing was the first industry to begin outsourcing. They outsourced some of their areas like editing, typesetting, proofreading, etc. Official outsourcing was yet to take off. During the 1990’s the industries saw greater importance on cost-savings. Steadily many areas like contract labor, accounting, human resources, data entry etc. was outsourced. By the completion of the century, customer service outsourcing functions became the foundation of the outsourcing industry.

Outsourcing can precisely be described as transfer and delegation of non-core areas of business or non-revenue producing or day to day operations to an external service provider which benefits the company on allowing it to concentrate on its specialized areas. Most of the common outsourced areas are:

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Your Guide to Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR is a technology that allows communication between humans and a phone system through the use of Dual tone multi frequency (DTMF) tones. In simple terms when you call a number and instead of a human voice it is a voice of a system. The automated voice that we hear on the phone that provides direction to the caller is termed as IVR. For an example, the voice that you hear when you call a customer service executive of your mobile operator. The voice will initially instruct you to opt for certain options through the keypad and it will solve your queries through a series of steps which needs to be followed by the caller. Even if the customer’s queries are not solved through this medium then there is an option where the IVR directs you to a live agent.

More and more companies are opting for this method of interaction with its customers because it provides ample benefits which can be listed as:Continue reading

How Call Centers are Helping the Retail Industries?

After procuring the goods customers wants to be looked after and cared for. If the retailers are able to provide such services with finesse then this will not only retain the client but it will create a humongous impact on the brand value of the retailers who opt for services from call centers. This feature of client retention and goodwill is a marketing technique followed by most of the retailers nowadays.

A satisfied client spreads like wild fire in the market and a client will only be satisfied after he has received optimum utilization of the purchased product or service. Clients are satisfied when their issues are addressed in the first interaction with the customer service representative. In today’s scenario no one has the time to even look at a beautiful flower that is growing in the street forget that they will have the patience to deal with unresponsiveness. The customers look for solutions then and there. The moment the phase of waiting begins, the customers will tend to get irritated and there are 99% chances for customers to opt for other services as there are, “n” number of service providers in the market. The moment this level of irritation arises then the company is at a toss. The loss of a customer is almost like a loss of a value and this is something a company will not acknowledge.

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Call Center Services Providing an Edge to your Business

Call center is a bandwagon for the survival of the business and the service providers. It has reached a stature without which the survival of a business is not possible. The service of a call center has become pivotal over the years and it is only escalating as the day’s progress. Now, have you ever pondered what makes the service of a call center so compelling? One of the biggest reasons is their direct association with the clients which has undeviating influence in building up the relationship with the company. It is well known that retaining the client, is less time and cost consuming rather than running after new clients. Let’s go through some points where we can highlight the advantages of a call center services:

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How to Judge the Quality of Emails in a Call Center?

download (1)Email is the second most popular mode of communication, after the voice calls, used by the customers to get in touch with their brands. Every customer care center should at least have the provision for email support apart from voice support. Email support is not as simple as it sounds. There is a common notion that anyone can write and reply to mails. Yes, anyone can but to what effect? Writing a mail to your pals and writing one for business purposes is quite different. Now, consider another situation you are replying with the intention of pacifying an angry customer who is about to vent his/her discontent on the social network. Your only ammunition is a mail. The masters of email support can not only pacify the person but also convince him/her to continue doing business with the brand. Like any other support service, staying stuck at a place is not the name of the game with email support. There has to be a continuous effort put in to better the quality of emails. To attain the purpose have a look through below given tips.

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