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How to Strategize for Outsource Chat Support?

There are thousands of brands competing with you to attract new customers. If you want to get sales you have to deliver visitors to your website with best in-store experience. This is where live chat is so important for all retail brands online. Though there are a lot of good things said about social media, but web chat is equally favorable medium of communication. Continue reading

Why Live Chat Support is a Good Business Decision?

What is difference between online shopping and shopping from a brick and mortar store? In a brick and mortar store there is always someone to assist you and answer your questions when you are shopping. In case of online shopping there is no one to answer your questions correctly in real time. Rather than letting these customers click away and forget your store, it is time to use the live web chat support services. The process starts with having a Live Chat at your website. As it is has been seen live chat has the potential of making customers’ shopping experience very convenient. It also helps the customers make a purchase that they want. On the business side it helps you keep the customers happy and add to the revenues of the company. Empty shopping carts can be a thing of the past with ideal chat services to back your efforts.Continue reading

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How to Overcome the Hurdles in Retail Sector with Call center outsourcing & Analytics?

Economists’ all over the world are debating on the future of global economy, while there are brief moments which usher optimism the economic sentiments of most people are very cautious. The dwindling economy has had its impact on most sectors, and the retail sector has had to bear the brunt of this uncertainty too. The retail sector is impacted by many factors that cannot be directly controlled such as interest and unemployment rates, economic strength, fiscal policy, high fuel prices, poor salary hikes and high expectations of the consumers. Like all the years, 2015 has come with a new hope, there is hope that the market will finally stabilize and there will be a lot more sales opportunities for the retail companies. There is a prediction that the holiday sale for retail products will rise by 4% this year.

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