Pros and Cons Associated with Call Center Outsourcing Services

Several companies usually get confused when it comes to outsourcing the call center process due to multiple factors linked to it. Some major processes which associated call center outsourcing are customer support, order taking, telemarketing and lead generation etc.

Going through the advantages and disadvantages is essential before finalizing the outsourcing vendor to maximize return on investment and minimize failures. Some major pros and cons which are part of outsourcing are discussed in this section.

Pros Associated with Call Center Outsourcing

The outsourcing of a call center process comes with multiple benefits which are described in detail below:

1. Access of Expert Agents

A call center outsourcing vendor hires the employees which are well-versed in communication skills and have suitable competency needed to convince the end customers. So, the firms can be sure that their process is executed by the employees which have suitable experience in handling various sorts of customers.

Also, these agents and managers have experience of working on multiple projects which gives them knowledge from verticals like healthcare, retail sector and real estate etc.

2. Economical for the Company

Using services of a call center solution can indeed prove to be economical for an organization from almost any sort of industry. This happens because the company saves the costs which are generally spent on hiring and recruitment of the call center agents. Also, the costs associated with computer systems, IP phones, software and infrastructure are also saved by outsourcing the process.

3. Ability to Focus on Key Processes

A company not only saves a lot of money in the long run by outsourcing the call center process but is also able to channelize the energy on its major processes.

Major portion associated with call center process like hiring, training, management and evaluation is performed by outsourcing company. These outsourcing vendors also focus on constantly use strategies for improving the quality of the process.

Companies can, therefore, save themselves from all these efforts by handing over the process to a third party vendor and dedicate their time, energy and efforts on evolving the other processes.

4. Focus on Quality Assurance

Usually, the renowned call centers give importance to quality assurance by implementation of multiple strategies. Analysis and improvement of various metrics like first call resolution, call handling time and customer satisfaction are part of quality assurance that makes the outsourcing vendors trustworthy for the companies. Also, the outsourcing service providers keep on modifying their technology to ensure best quality solutions to their clients.

Cons Associated with Call Center Outsourcing

Outsourcing of call center is not associated only with multiple benefits. Improper planning and selection of unsuitable service provide may lead to some disadvantages which are discussed below:

1. Lack of Control Over Process

The company looking to outsource call center process lacks the control over the process. The company can’t keep an eye over the working of the process which is sometimes vital for processes like customer support. Also, modification of the process on regular basis as per changing needs of the business becomes a cumbersome process for the company when the call center process is outsourced. Companies, therefore, make sure that the outsourcing agency modifies the process as per company’s requirements and provide detailed reports on regular basis.

2. Cultural Differences

Several times, the agents from an offshore outsourcing agency lack the complete understanding of the region where end customers are located. This may impact the overall quality of the communication which may ultimately lead to lack of satisfaction among end customers.

Therefore, it becomes essential to make sure that outsourcing agency boasts in-depth knowledge related to the culture of the target consumers.

3. Lack of Sense of Ownership Among Employees

Usually, every employee in a firm has some degree of sense of ownership which drives him / her to work with more dedication. This form of sense of ownership is usually lacked among call center employees for clients as their loyalty lies towards mainly to the call center service provider.

This may directly or indirectly impact the level of customer satisfaction which is needed to ensure smooth functioning of the process. But a professional outsourcing vendor ensures that its agents imbibe the process and culture of the client completely which ensures maximum loyalty towards client’s project.

4. Security

Security of the end customer’s data may be compromised if the call center outsourcing services provider is not serious in handling the data efficiently. This may result in losing of the trust by target customers towards the company and may even result in lead to legal charges against the company.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to make sure that outsourcing vendor have stringent security measures required to protect the data.


If the company chooses the most suitable outsourcing partner by analyzing pros and cons, then it can utilize maximum benefits and save itself from multiple disadvantages.

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