Why India is best for Call Center Outsourcing?

India, which is seventh largest country, tops the charts when it comes to call center industry. From 1990s, the world has witnessed a revolution in India in terms of call center outsourcing. In fact, the firm Tholons stated that top ten outsourcing cities in the world consists of six from India, as per December 2014 report.

Types of Call Center Services in India

India being a country with renowned call centers provides services in multiple formats. Some major services which are available from this region include:

Customer support process
Telemarketing process
Lead generation
Technical support
Back office support
Customer surveys
Multi-channel support (Email, chat and social media)

The call centers from country keeps on adding new services with changing market demands.

Here are some major factors which makes India most suitable region for call center outsourcing.

Numerous Call Centers

Revolution of call center industry in India inspired various businesspersons and enthusiastic individuals to extract benefit from this vertical. As a result, India saw an exponential increase in the number of call centers in multiple locations.

This increased the choice for organizations planning to outsource call center process in India.

India Possesses Second Highest English Speakers

That’s true! After the U.S., India has highest number of people who speak English language. This fact itself proves that this nation has capability of handling call center projects with English as the main language. The country also possesses individuals with expertise in written communication which makes them suitable for processes like email and live chat customer support processes.

Manpower with High Aptitude Levels

Indian youth is not only well-versed in English language, but also has aptitude and dedication to gain education related to new verticals and industry. This skill is essential in industries like call center where projects are associated with different industries like healthcare, telecom, retail and technology etc. for which agents have to learn ins and outs of the industry.

The individuals in India also have passion for technology which makes them suitable for technical support process. In fact there are around 3000 engineering colleges in India which produces a bunch of technical experts each year.

This skilled manpower in India makes the country worth outsourcing the call center process.

Employees are Available at Less Salary

Countries like the U.S. are expensive in terms of labor rates. This is because the cost of living is quite high in these countries. On the other hand, the employees are available at quite lower rates in India (around one-third of the U.S.prices). This makes sure that the overall outsourcing cost is quite low as compared to other countries.

Reasonable Call Center Services

As discussed in above point, the employees are available at reasonable prices. Also, the infrastructure costs in the country are quite less as compared to other nations. This ensures that the overall cost of setting up a call center is quite less. Therefore, services offered by Indian call centers are also economical as compared to other call centers.

Investments by Foreign Companies

When it comes to establishing a call center business, Indian government does not implement strict rules. Due to this, various foreign companies have seen India as a promising region and they have invested heavily in call center business. Also, Indian entrepreneurs have received the benefit of multiple government schemes which encourage call center industry in India.

North East BPO Promotion Scheme is one of the latest offerings by Indian government which aims to boost the BPO sector in North Eastern part of the country.

Other Benefits

With an average time difference of 12 hours with the U.S., the call centers in India offer 24 x 7 services for most of the processes.

Recent developments in power and telecom sector have also given a big boost to call center industry in India by adding more efficiency in the process.


The number of call centers and their passion to offer finest services keeps on expanding with each passing year. Therefore, every firm (whether a startup or renowned brand) can derive numerous benefits by outsourcing call center process to India.

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