Call Center Outsourcing: Services and Benefits

Call centers in present scenario acts as oxygen for consumer-driven businesses without which these businesses may cease to exist. The call centers have always modified there processes to meet the demands of constantly changing consumer behavior.

Services Offered By Call Centers

Generally, the call center organizations offer inbound and outbound services. Inbound services basically consist of customer support, general product queries and order taking services. On the other hand, the outbound services comprise of telemarketing, lead generation and customer satisfaction surveys.

With the exponential rise of smartphone usage and growth of social media users, the call centers are focusing on multichannel customer support. In this form of support, the customers are handled through different touchpoints like social media, chat support and email along with phone call support.

Benefits of Call Center Outsourcing

All these call center services put a positive impact on the growth of firm that takes support of a reputable call center firm.

Let’s look at all the benefits in detail which are received by companies through call center outsourcing.

1. Operations can be Scaled up Immediately

Growth in the business may require the companies to scale up the processes like customer support or lead generation process. In these scenarios, the call center firms can support these companies to expand their business without any delay. This is possible as call centers are equipped with resources (agents and hardware) necessary for immediate amplification of any project.

The call centers are also viable for handling high volumes of calls during specific time of the year like holiday season.

2. Access to the Advanced Technology

The Call Center Outsourcing Firms continuously invest in the technology to maintain the quality as per the market standards. Some of these technologies include VoIP phones, chat support software, data analytics software and robust headphones. All these and various other vital technologies ensure that projects are handled without compromising with the industry standards.

3. Support Staff for Better Project Management

Along with highly experienced call center agents, the outsourcing firms also hire number of employees and experts which are aimed to improve the overall process. These include quality assurance executives, auditors, communication specialists and language experts etc. All these specialists along with managers are dedicated to surpass the satisfaction levels of end-customers through their expertise.

4. Hiring and Training Costs are Saved

This is very basic benefit of hiring call center vendors for different processes. The companies do not have to spend extra bucks for recruitment and training process of the call center employees. They just have to hire the call center firms through a contract in which every agent is available on monthly basis or hourly basis. Several call centers also provide contracts on the basis of number of calls. The company also saves expenses related to employee insurance, employee benefits and continuous employee evaluation etc.

5. Companies can Modify Training Modules of Call Centers

As per the needs of the project, the firms can modify the training section of the call centers. This can be done by sending employees to the center to participate in the training sessions. After discussing with the call centers, the agents can be prepared for communication with the customers as per the nature of the project.

For example, the healthcare industries can incorporate training sessions which include basic knowledge related to medical care along with medical terminology.

6. Other Process-Related Expenses are Saved

Managing a call center requires infrastructure, hardware (computer, IP phones) and software to ensure effective operations. All these resources can cost a fortune to a company if they plan to have an in-house call center process. Therefore, the companies can save these expenses by hiring outsourced call centers.

7. Round the Clock Service for Whole Year

Most of the call center firms remain operational on 24 x 7 basis which ensures that you can offer customer support services round the clock. Also, these firms offer services for whole year without any holiday which ensures that end consumers can clarify their issues without time constraint.


All these benefits from the call center services reinforce the fact that outsourcing is inevitable for every firm which wants to stay in the market for a much longer duration.

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