Winning Your Clients through Call Center Outsourcing Services

Admit it! Happy clients are protagonists of the success story of every call center firm. A happy client will not only continue his association with the firm for a longer period but will also recommend the vendor’s name to others in his business circle.

It is therefore the duty of call center outsourcing vendor to take care of every aspect associated with client’s project to avoid any disappointment.

Here are some techniques and factors which can aid in fruitful relationship with the client.

Transparency in the Process

Clients love transparency whenever it comes to outsourcing of a call center process. It also gives them confidence that they have a control over the process. Therefore, make sure to provide detailed reports on daily or weekly basis for ensuring transparency. Advanced software that allows the clients to check the performance on 24×7 basis makes your client feel more empowered which is a positive sign for the association.

Provide Multi-Channel Support

Gone are those days when toll free customer support was enough to offer delightful experience to end customers of your clients. In present scenario, having a combination of support services like email, live chat and social media is equally important. This also boosts the sales of your client’s business directly and indirectly. If you are already offering omnichannel support for your client’s business, then hardly the client will look for other alternatives.

Improve the Process on Constant Basis

This involves everything from the training of the agents to the use of technology. Making sure that training modules are constantly modified as per the changing behavior of customers is essential. Also, keep upgrading the hardware and software to ensure that the process remains updated. Sometimes, performing a competitive analysis also helps in modifying the overall process. A client will prefer a long term association with an outsourcing vendor that has updated approach of management.

Have a Dedicated Executive for Client Services

While working for client, make sure to avoid having multiple people to contact the client related to all the project discussion. Having a dedicated executive which is responsible to manage the account of the client avoids confusion for all the concerned parties. You can even have dedicated team comprising of motivated and skilled people which are proficient in managing the account of the clients.

Apply ‘Big Data’ in the Processes

Call centers are storehouse of precious data that available in massive amounts. They can take support of data scientists and data analytics software to get insights which can be used to forecast how the customers from specific demographic will react to a response. Clients definitely prefer the tie-ups with firms that apply smart moves like this in their processes.

Make Quality Monitoring More Streamlined

Your clients will appreciate the efforts from your end related to streamlining the Quality Monitoring of Call Center Processes. Make sure that QA forms are revised on regular basis as per the nature of client’s business. Also, involve your quality analysts during hiring of agents to select better ones which are dedicated to improve the level of client’s project.

Involve the Clients in Training

As discussed earlier, clients love working in a transparent manner. Providing reports regularly is one aspect of transparency. Another one is involving them in processes like training of agents. You can finalize the module by taking advice of your clients. You can also include one of the client’s representatives during training sessions once in a while to take productive feedback from their end.

Conclusion: For a fruitful and long term association with a client, just delivering service as per the contract is not sufficient. You have to go an extra mile to make sure clients love to stay connected with your firm forever.

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