Your Guide to Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR is a technology that allows communication between humans and a phone system through the use of Dual tone multi frequency (DTMF) tones. In simple terms when you call a number and instead of a human voice it is a voice of a system. The automated voice that we hear on the phone that provides direction to the caller is termed as IVR. For an example, the voice that you hear when you call a customer service executive of your mobile operator. The voice will initially instruct you to opt for certain options through the keypad and it will solve your queries through a series of steps which needs to be followed by the caller. Even if the customer’s queries are not solved through this medium then there is an option where the IVR directs you to a live agent.

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How Call Centers are Helping the Retail Industries?

After procuring the goods customers wants to be looked after and cared for. If the retailers are able to provide such services with finesse then this will not only retain the client but it will create a humongous impact on the brand value of the retailers who opt for services from call centers. This feature of client retention and goodwill is a marketing technique followed by most of the retailers nowadays.

A satisfied client spreads like wild fire in the market and a client will only be satisfied after he has received optimum utilization of the purchased product or service. Clients are satisfied when their issues are addressed in the first interaction with the customer service representative. In today’s scenario no one has the time to even look at a beautiful flower that is growing in the street forget that they will have the patience to deal with unresponsiveness. The customers look for solutions then and there. The moment the phase of waiting begins, the customers will tend to get irritated and there are 99% chances for customers to opt for other services as there are, “n” number of service providers in the market. The moment this level of irritation arises then the company is at a toss. The loss of a customer is almost like a loss of a value and this is something a company will not acknowledge.

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Call Center Services Providing an Edge to your Business

Call center is a bandwagon for the survival of the business and the service providers. It has reached a stature without which the survival of a business is not possible. The service of a call center has become pivotal over the years and it is only escalating as the day’s progress. Now, have you ever pondered what makes the service of a call center so compelling? One of the biggest reasons is their direct association with the clients which has undeviating influence in building up the relationship with the company. It is well known that retaining the client, is less time and cost consuming rather than running after new clients. Let’s go through some points where we can highlight the advantages of a call center services:

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How to Overcome the Hurdles in Retail Sector with Call center outsourcing & Analytics?

Economists’ all over the world are debating on the future of global economy, while there are brief moments which usher optimism the economic sentiments of most people are very cautious. The dwindling economy has had its impact on most sectors, and the retail sector has had to bear the brunt of this uncertainty too. The retail sector is impacted by many factors that cannot be directly controlled such as interest and unemployment rates, economic strength, fiscal policy, high fuel prices, poor salary hikes and high expectations of the consumers. Like all the years, 2015 has come with a new hope, there is hope that the market will finally stabilize and there will be a lot more sales opportunities for the retail companies. There is a prediction that the holiday sale for retail products will rise by 4% this year.

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