An Overview of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

From its inception in 1970s, the IVR technology has kept on supporting the companies across the world in enhancing their communication with the customers.

Interactive voice response or IVR is a system in which there is interaction of computers with humans which is operated through a combination of software, telephonic equipment and databases. The technology is used in multiple sectors like banking, hospital, retail, hospitality and restaurants etc.

Technology Used in IVR

Speech recognition and DMTF are two basic technologies which are used to receive the input into IVR system. In DMTF method, the button pressed by the user on phone acts a signal for the computer. These signals are interpreted by computer using telephony card. A suitable response is then generated by the computer which is heard by the caller.

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Why Hire an Order Taking Call Center Service

Business is all about gaining profit from wise decisions taken at the right time. And considering the option of outsourcing your order taking process can indeed prove to be fruitful for your business.

Several call centers offer order taking service in their catalogue of inbound services. These services are usually modified by the companies as per the requirements of the business.

The order taking service can be a vital process for various small and medium sized businesses like:

• Delivery restaurants
• E-commerce companies
• Pet supplies
• Flower and gift stores
• Insurance services

Let’s go through major perks linked to the hiring of order taking call center companies:

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Telecom Billing Solutions: Game Changer in the Telecom Industry

Telecom industry in the present era is focusing on 5G technology which is going to change the scenario of communication system.

Other than innovation of new technologies, having a robust billing is also must for a company to survive in the market.

Telecom billing solutions have modified the process of bill generation to a great extent. This has benefited both the customers and telecom companies, thereby creating a win-win situation.

Here are five major benefits which are linked to telecom billing solutions which are popular in market:

Saves the Company by Giving Accuracy in Billing

A telecom company deals with huge customer base which can reach up to millions. In this scenario, creating a highly efficient and accurate system for billing becomes crucial.

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