Change the Way Your Call Center Works with IVR Outsourcing Services

Call center administrators understand the value of an Interactive Voice Response system (IVR). It reduces the complexity by automating call flow between different departments and allows customers to connect with agents easily. Traditionally, IVR services were considered useful for call routing alone, but nowadays we are seeing them fulfill other important roles as well.

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Enhancing Customer Satisfaction with Interactive Voice Response

Operating customer service in present scenario without interactive Voice Response (IVR) is the most amateur decision a growing company can take. Even a research by JD Power & Associates reported that IVR constitutes 27 percent of total call experience. Therefore, it is essential for every firm to implement this inevitable technology in the customer care process as it comes with multiple benefits.

Let’s first go through techniques that must be implemented by call center firms to optimize the IVR system.

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An Overview of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

From its inception in 1970s, the IVR technology has kept on supporting the companies across the world in enhancing their communication with the customers.

Interactive voice response or IVR is a system in which there is interaction of computers with humans which is operated through a combination of software, telephonic equipment and databases. The technology is used in multiple sectors like banking, hospital, retail, hospitality and restaurants etc.

Technology Used in IVR

Speech recognition and DMTF are two basic technologies which are used to receive the input into IVR system. In DMTF method, the button pressed by the user on phone acts a signal for the computer. These signals are interpreted by computer using telephony card. A suitable response is then generated by the computer which is heard by the caller.

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