Change the Way Your Call Center Works with IVR Outsourcing Services

Call center administrators understand the value of an Interactive Voice Response system (IVR). It reduces the complexity by automating call flow between different departments and allows customers to connect with agents easily. Traditionally, IVR services were considered useful for call routing alone, but nowadays we are seeing them fulfill other important roles as well.

The Expanding Scope of IVR Outsourcing Services

IVR outsourcing services have great potential to improve your business. Unlike companies involved in other core processes, they have the time and expertise to conceptualize the perfect IVR for your business, so you can delight your customers. There are many ways new IVR functionalities can bring in additional value:

Personalization with voice-based IVR

Voice-based IVR systems allow customers to communicate via their voice alone. This eliminates the hassle of constantly removing the phone from the ear and pressing the button. Your customers can simply select the options through voice command and the IVR will do the needful. For this functionality, always use the services of a vendor who is good at what he does. You don’t want to have a situation where customers say something and IVR understands something else, leaving the entire process in chaos.

Quick answers to questions and the ability to schedule callbacks

If you ask any call center expert, they would tell you that there are many queries that are extremely common. So regular are these queries that you can even devise an automatic response for them via IVR. Such a functionality reduces the call volume and allows agents to focus on real customer issues. Also, if the call volume has exceeded the limit, an IVR can be used for scheduling callbacks.

More outbound contacts and more leads

With an outbound IVR, you can ask questions to large number of clients. If they qualify the first few questions and seem like a genuine lead, you can transfer the call to your best agents. This saves a lot of time and effort, and at the same time let you reach out to a wider subscriber base.

Conduct surveys and polls for understanding customers

IVR services provide you a faster way to learn about your customers, their preferences and what they want in the future. It is possible to initiate automated polls and surveys where customers can give their feedback. The accumulated data through such endeavors can be later used for Big Data analytics purposes. As a result, you are able to discover valuable insights for your business and improve the overall strategy.

Better branding

Branding plays a significant role in your customer acquisition strategy. A cutting-edge Interactive Voice Response system has the provision of integrating custom messages. So, you are able to brand your product and services in a better way.

Improvement in efficiency of call-handling

As IVR is the ingestion point of calls, they can be altered in a way to optimize the overall call center process. For example, you can change the call routing rules depending on customers’ preferred language choices and product/services they are using.

Operational expense reduction

Consider customized IVR solution procured via IVR outsourcing services as a one-time investment. You only have to spend once and you are able to reduce your operational expense from there on. IVR reduces the number of calls that arrive at agents’ workstations; hence it allows you to operate a call center with reduced manpower, which in turn helps you save money on salaries.

At Callcenterglobally, we offer cutting-edge IVR outsourcing services that fulfil specific business requirements of our clients. Our tenure in the call center industry allows us to understand your business better and provide you the best solutions.

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