Go Truly Digital by Offering Live Chat Support to Customers

We are living in the age of digitalization. Every operation is digitalized. From databases to tools used by businesses, everything is computer-centric. Customers are turning to digital platforms for making orders. Brick and mortar stores are losing their importance. Convenience is the name of the game, if a company wants to survive in today’s competitive world. Although most entrepreneurs are shifting to a digital base for core operations, they are not applying the same digital philosophy to their customer-facing processes. And, this could be a big mistake in the overall scheme of things. In order to extract the maximum advantage from your digital transformation, you should use digital mediums of customer support like Live Chat Support services.

Live Chat Support in Numbers

Amongst the many digital medium of providing customer support, chat support services hold the top position. According to a survey, 46% customers use live chat when compared with 29% who use email, and nearly 16% who prefer social media. This stat clearly shows the undisputed place of Live Chat in a company’s customer-facing strategy.

Why Live Chat is Preferred?

If we get down to it, Live Chat support has a clear edge over other modes of digital support. Have a look at some major reasons why chat support services are preferred:

Email and social media support are not real-time, which means customer has to wait a long time for a response. In contrast, Live Chat support provides solutions in real-time.
Live chat is easier to reach due to shorter queues and waiting times.
Live Chat is easily accessible. Most ecommerce portals have Live Chat window at the bottom, top or corner of the webpage. Hence, even new customers are able to spot it quickly and start communication with a support agent. In contrast, email and social media platforms are cumbersome and unintuitive.

What to Look for in Chat Support Services?

If you are planning to outsource chat support services, then you should use the services of a vendor that offers the following functionalities:

Live Chat support should come with analytics, so that you are able to utilize the data ingested by the systems in real-time. A live chat software that integrates AI allows you to understand customer preferences, their buying habits, demographics, purchasing power etc. Access to this information allows you to forge better strategies for marketing. It is also possible to understand the problem with one’s product/services by leveraging the AI tech in Live Chat support.

An experienced management can play a key role in the success of chat support services. When you have a group of leaders as part of your chat support process, you are able to tackle difficult issues in a better way and maintain the consistency of your Live Chat support process.

Integration of cutting-edge tech in the Live Chat tool can improve handling of chats. For example, a chat session that transforms into a remote desktop sharing session can be beneficial for a tech support process. Similarly, analytics and reporting embedded in the Live Chat tool allow you to monitor agent efficiency and performance in a better way. An outsourcing partner that keeps up to date with the latest tools and technology allows you to add stars to your Live Chat operation.

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