How Call Centers Deliver Finest Services at Economical Prices?

Whenever a company plans to outsource call center process, cost-effectiveness is the major factor that drives this decision. Some sectors where outsourcing is highly popular include telecom, healthcare, retail and real estate to name a few.

But one question often lingers into mind of several people from different sectors, especially those who are about to outsource this process. The question is ‘How come call center firms are able to deliver finest form of services at economical prices?’

Let’s study different factors associated with call center processes that will help in answering this question.

Call Centers Rely on Quality Assurance

A robust quality assurance program consists of a team which monitors the calls of agents on regular basis. Also, there is use of some essential call center metrics consisting of first call resolution, and to name a few. All these activities connected to QA ensure that efficiency is measurable. And through these measurable results, call centers are able to improve their customer support processes regularly. As a result, the process becomes streamlined which is viable from economical point of view.

Hiring is Done on Large Scale

Unlike in-house processes, the hiring in large call centers is done on a big scale. This makes the recruitment, training and management part associated with agents economically feasible. It ultimately allows the call center outsourcing vendors to offer the services at reasonable prices. The call centers also conduct immediate hiring when a client expands its business or during holiday rush.

Processes are Data Dependent

Anyone handling processes at management level in present climate understands the importance of data for taking business decisions. This data is expanding at exponential rate from every sector. Call centers are also storehouse of huge chunks of raw data in the form of call recordings. This data is processed through data analytics software through useful patterns are deduced. These patterns help in predicting the response of end-customers on different types of resolutions.

This ultimately increases the response time of every call making the agents more productive and the process economically efficient. This benefit is finally received by the clients that choose the services from these centers.

Several Firms Offer Shared Agent Process

Call centers conventionally work on dedicated agent model in which a set of agents work specifically for a single project. Various contact center outsourcing vendors also provide shared agent model which is viable for both call center and its respective clients. In this model, an agent of the outsourcing vendor handles the calls of more than one client. The charges are paid by the client on the basis of total duration during which client had interaction with end customers. This model is also applicable for processes like live chat where an agent can handle the chat of multiple projects.

This model is highly popular among startup owners or those businesses which have unpredictable call volume.

The Company Invests in Technology on Massive Scale

Investing in technology for a small call center process is never feasible for any firm. But when done on massive scale, it actually becomes economical and reaps good results. In call center firms, the company invests on technology like IVR development, IP phones, CRM software collectively for multiple processes which ensures reasonable costs. As a result, company is able to offer services equipped with advanced technology without heavy pricing.

Offshore Call Centers are Highly Cost-Effective

Companies Outsourcing the Process to countries like India attain cost-related benefits as workforce is available at fewer salaries in these regions. The skilled workers with reasonable technical knowledge and finest communication proficiency are willing to work at fraction of prices in countries like India as compared to other major countries. Also, the cost of setting up a call center firm in Indian cities is less than setting up in countries like the U.S. or UK.


Companies which look forward to outsource the call center process save huge chunks of their monetary funds without compromising with the quality. Also, they are able to put their time and energy into main processes of the companies which proves to be profitable idea in long term.

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