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Billing and OSS Solutions

Enjoy the Benefits of Accuracy

Accuracy is a big factor in customer satisfaction when it comes to telecom billing. With numerous plans, emissions and billing cycles the challenges in telecom billing are endless. We are here to remove obstacles.

The telecom industry has flourished with overwhelming number of users. The competition in the business sector has forced companies to offer affordable service plans. This again mitigates the profit margins. So, there is not much scope for experimentation. At Call Center Globally we understand the immediate requirements of the telecom companies. We look to provide software that can cut short the time and effort, while at the same time enhances the accuracy in billing. Our software is user friendly and we have various support services which would make our billing and OSS solutions perfect match for any organization.

Benefits of using Billing and OSS Solutions

  • It can cut down on the paperwork.
  • It can drastically reduce the time and effort that goes into billing.
  • It would provide accurate billing data, which enhances brand image in the eyes of customers.
  • The solutions can be customized to meet the exact demands of a company.
  • Training and technical support for the service makes it easy to use.
  • Navigating options within the software can be achieved with minimum clicks.

What We Offer?

  • An efficient platform where various billing requirements can be met such as data, voice, content on fixed, cable, mobile or IP Networks.
  • Integration of billing solutions matching the organizational needs.
  • Monitoring of billing cycles and the customer data.
  • Recording billing history for any future references.
  • Easy revenue assessment.
  • User friendly service portal where billing information can be viewed easily.
  • Data remains safe as backup is taken on a cloud based server.

Billing & OSS Solutions Modules

  • Lifeline ETC Module
  • Agent Portal
  • Activation Module
  • Inventory Module
  • Billing Module
  • CSR Module
  • Data Analytics and Reporting

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