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Quality Assurance

The fun of outsourcing is that you are freed from all the tensions regarding customer service. Your work will be tackled by a talented pool of professionals, this means there are no recruitment, training or monitoring hassles for you. Call Center Globally is proud of its rich bank of dedicated employees who can represent your business to the customers perfectly. Our agents understand the value of first impression and that is why they make sure a favorable impression about the brand is created whenever they communicate with the brand.

At Call Center Globally we invest heavily in terms of time and money to make sure that our clients get only the best quality of services. Your customers will find our quality of customer interactions (voice, email or chat) very pleasing. All our recruitments and training are made with a goal to provide best results for client accounts. We make sure that well performing and trained agents are retained, so that the process can go on smoothly. On top of this we have a Quality Assurance Team. The team is responsible of monitoring every incoming or outgoing call from our centers. This team not only monitors the agents and evaluates their quality in terms of customer contacts, but they make sure that all the contacts are as per your brand's image. Our quality assurance process ensures optimum efficiency and effectiveness of each client process.

Ensuring Continuous Improvements

The sole aim of our Quality Assurance process is to improve quality and offer better services to our clients. The Quality Assurance team is linked with the senior managers such as Team Leaders and other Managers. The senior managers conduct coaching and monitoring to bring out the best quality out of the employees.

Our Quality Assurance system makes sure that each of the agents is monitored at least once in a couple of days. There are tests conducted where the agents are evaluated for quality of their calls based on customer experience impact, information accuracy, professionalism and impact upon business. Based on the test results, the agents are given advices. These advices highlight areas that need improvement. The agents can also share some feedback that they may have about their account.

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