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Third Party Verification Services

Voice Logs are stored in Secured Location, with options for instant retrieval and detailed reporting.

At Call Center Globally we offer both inbound and outbound third party verification services through 24X7. Our third party verification service utilizes voice log technology (which creates a sound file for each customer transaction carried out) and a live professional agent. Businesses need third party verification as par FCC and PUC's (in select states) for certain changes in services. In other instances businesses may need acceptance of terms and conditions that are related to a specific financial transaction. We provide a reliable and professional platform for Third Party Verifications by acting as neutral third party witnesses.

Features of Our Service

As a part of the Third party verification a conference call is set up between the sales team, customer, and the our agent. The agent places a recorded call to the customer. We have a pre-determined script which covers all the essential points for the TPV call. We start processing the captured data on our secured cloud based server. We will later forward the call details securely to you. We can accommodate any type of call flow and unique dynamics that are required for any Third Party Verification call.

Our Capabilities

When you transfer all your live calls to us for urgent Third Party Verification processing, we use standard conference calling functionality. We can also contact customers moments after an order confirmation is received via fax, email or web browser. We make sure that inbound or outbound Third Party Verification calls are not robotic; they have the human component in them. For people always want to conduct business with humans and not machines. Our experienced TPV operators assure success.

Voice Log Recordings

The voice logs are digitally recorded and kept safely stored in our server as a part of the Third Party Verification process. You can go through all the details of call transactions and download important data to your machine. The TPV records are stored and remain safe with us for many years.

Benefits of Our Service

  • Safe record keeping and storage facility
  • No minimum monthly payments
  • Tiered pricing for level of service used
  • No set up fee associated
  • Quick changes to the script
  • Instant retrieval of any recorded transaction
  • Detailed and customized reporting

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