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Reporting & Analytics

Answering customer calls and giving viable solutions is only the first step to a comprehensive customer care strategy. It is important that there are some lessons learned from each of these conversations which would help the business improve and develop its offerings. When you work with us at Call Center Globally we will offer you special online reporting software that will contain all the details of calls broken down. The data is neatly arranged and easy to understand in this reporting suite. The software can be accessed by our clients using a secure user name and password which would be provided as soon as the account is created. The reporting software can be used by the clients round the clock.

Benefits of Our Reporting Software

By logging into the software our clients can see the same information as do our Client Service Executives when they evaluate the performance of a certain account and draft new plans. The statistics that are present in the software help clients understand the habits and tendency of callers and results of various marketing efforts. The clients can also see the call handling times and first contact resolutions.

Features of our Reporting Software

We understand that there are various goals of outsourcing a process. The goals may vary from quality control, growth scopes, to better customer service or product improvement. The reporting software helps clients gain an insight into the performance of our team in attaining the goals. Some of the other features of the software include:

  • All call data can be accessed 24X7
  • Monthly call activity and every other call statistics can be monitored
  • All the call information is available in animated charts
  • The graphs are easy to analyze and help in trend analysis
  • Date ranges can be compared interactively over a custom defined 30 day period
  • Compare patterns for calls made from different area codes or different marketing campaigns

With this reporting software we maintain complete transparency about the performance of our services. We give the clients an idea about our direct measurements and how much we have been able to meet the client's goals. There are many customization options available for the software.

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