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Training & Development

At Call Center Globally we are dedicated to meet and even exceed the expectations of clients who have trusted us. We feel obliged to fulfill their goals with our services. To meet the standards of operation we use a 3 step call center recruitment and training process. The candidates are selected after a stringent screening process. The selected candidates have to undergo an intensive training program. The training equips new recruits with skills for effective handling of high transactional intensity and continuous improvement in processes. The technical and customer support training that the candidates undergo helps the agents process customer requirements and provide viable solutions. Some of the major components of our training program include skill enhancement programs, on the job training, refresher courses and other training types.

3 Tiered Customer Service Call Center Training

Level I

  • An introduction to the basics of telemarketing and customer service
  • Generic knowledge about the industry
  • Sensitization with the company culture

Level II

  • Orientation
  • Accent Training
  • Training about English Grammar and Conversations
  • Listening Skill Enhancement

Level III

  • Detailed Product Knowledge
  • Process or Sales Training
  • Better understanding of best practices through role playing and mock calls
  • Training certification

Customization of Training

At Call Center Globally we can create customized training programs after interaction with the client. While developing a customized program we take into consideration the specific training needs for the process, Key Performance Indicators and SLAs that we have agreed upon.

Performance Enhancement Programs (PEP)

Our specially created PEP focus on areas such as:

  • Monitoring of all the new joiners for a period of 4 weeks by our internal training team
  • Keeping a track of the learning curve and other metrics of these newcomers
  • Coming up with special action plans for individuals that would help them improve in certain areas
  • Need based training
  • Special training for modified processes or new product handling
  • Reinforcing the knowledge through refresher courses from time to time
  • Training programs for soft skills enhancement

Training Programs for Sales

  • Call Handling
  • Lead Generation
  • Telesales
  • Skill enhancement in presentation and negotiation
  • Sale Closing.
  • Complaint Handling

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