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Call Center Services

Call center service is a specialized field and requires diligence as well as consistent hard work. The role of managers is vital in getting the right results via a call center services operation. It takes a meticulous manager with skills and right attitude to get the agents performing to the best of their abilities. Call center metrics are a vital cog in the wheel of call center services. There are certain parameters that are needed to be maintained within certain prescribed limits, if a call center has to perform properly.

Key Call Center Services Metrics

There are many call center metrics that remain under the supervision of managers. However, there are certain metrics that are more important than others. For a call center services provider, it is imperative that they pay special attention to these metrics:

  • AHT: Average Handling Time (AHT) remains a key component of call center operations. The time it takes for an agent to handle the call (regardless of its conclusion) is the AHT. Whenever the AHT is high, the customers on the call get frustrated. It also has a direct impact on the customers in the queue. Due to an increased AHT, the Average Wait Time also rises. This causes customer aggravation and many have to disconnect calls.
  • FCR: First Call Resolution (FCR) is a measure of how many queries are resolved in the first attempt i.e. on the first call a customer makes to your call center. The FCR of a process often tells about the competency of agents and how well they are equipped to deal with customers.
  • CSAT: Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) rating tells all about the quality of support provided. Maintaining excellent CSAT rating is the key to business success. A satisfied customer becomes a long-term patron of your brand and often brings in new business.
  • Call Abandonment: To ensure that your customers do not leave you, you have to ensure that call abandonment rate is low. Customer call disconnections can lead to high customer dissatisfaction and might impact your business in the worst possible way. The best call center services are adept at minimizing call abandonment rate, and keeping your business safe.
  • Call Hold/Mute: When call hold/mute is longer than the threshold value, customer’s frustration rises. QAs who listen to the calls should implement strong measures to counter the action of faltering agents, and ensure hold/mute is always low.

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