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Every Call Needs Immediate Action

Health is secondary to none. When dealing with human health even a minute's delay can be very vital. An alert and proactive approach is needed in healthcare customer service. We understand the specific requirements of catering to healthcare customers.

Life means nothing without good health. All wealth and luxurious go in vain if the health is not perfect. Convenience is the most important word for healthcare customer support. When a customer calls he/she wants to get first priority. Expectations from the customer service are sky high for the healthcare customers. Like many other sectors the competition is high in the healthcare sector and goof ups can be costly. Mistakes from the customer support center can lead to legal compliance issues and a lot of bad reputation for the clients. This is a challenge Call Center Globally has taken up and triumphed over many a times.

Services for Hospitals & Medical Facilities

Customer support services for the healthcare industry are very demanding. It requires special understanding and experience.

  • Our agents are capable of handling pressure in the wake of any adverse event.
  • They are proactive in thinking ahead of the situation too.
  • Our agents can handle everything from answer customer calls to arranging for immediate admissions or medical services.
  • We understand that no customer calls up a healthcare call center unless there is emergency need and we remain steadfast to provide the required support.

Services for Pharmaceutical Companies

We can offer some useful services that will help the Pharmaceutical companies to understand the market requirements and adjust their products likewise.

  • Assistance in Clinical Studies: We help the pharmaceutical companies read the minds of their customers and the market needs. We conduct the research work on your behalf by developing a suiting IVR module which can conduct and record the patient interaction process.
  • Pharmacovigilance Service: Adverse situations may arise in pharmaceutical companies any day. As service partners we help companies face the adverse situations better. We stay on our toes and report of any event immediately to the concerned department. This helps in taking actions on time.

Services for Insurance Companies

We help the insurance companies leverage the potential existing in the market with our timely services.

  • Our agents can take calls and provide satisfactory answers to customers on the company's behalf.
  • With our outbound call center services we can spread awareness about the products/services that our client provides.
  • We can offer great cross sales and up sales potential.

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