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Subscription Renewals & Sales

Increase the rates of subscription renewals and sales with professional services. We have the capability of retaining the subscribers you may be missing out on.

When subscriptions are at the core of your business and your future depends largely on the number of new subscribers you are able to capture and the amount of subscribers you can retain then our services will be immensely useful for you. Though annual renewals are once in a year event, but it is a very important one. Retaining old customers is many times more important than procuring new ones. Recent survey suggests that retaining old customers is 8 times more valuable then adding new customers. At Call Center Globally we make sure that our calling services add to your customer retention rates. Whether you manage a publication or a business, making outbound calls for renewals would be right at the bottom of your priority list. But underestimating the power of a professional call made to the customers as a reminder of their impending renewal is not a wise idea. You can attain this by using our professional services.

Features of Our Service

By partnering with Call Center Globally you make sure that the business runs smoothly. We can tap into your pre-existing customer management system and review the client database for any upcoming subscription renewals. We can also assist the customers with a variety of inbound call queries. We use superior telecommunications technology and are backed by years of experience in the business sector. We can help you with:

  • Customer Retention: Most of your customers do not recollect when their subscription or warranty is up for renewal. This is where our outbound calls can be so useful. Our agents will make calls to your customers and inform them about the subscription status. They will also use unique up-sell or cross sell techniques to inform customers about upgradation and add on terms.
  • Support for Inbound Calls: There will be some customers who remember their renewal dates and contact the company themselves without any calls. Our agents can receive such calls and prompt the customers on the due course of action.
  • Access to Web Database: We will not export extensive client lists. We would rather manage all the customers' information virtually using our unique web based system. This helps our agents readily access the customer information when a call is made.

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