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Interactive Voice Response

Improve Your Customers' calling experience with hosted Interactive Voice Response. Mitigate the frustration of call waiting.

Our IVR solutions offer the flexibility to your customers. They can order for products or schedule appointments at their own convenience. The IVR we provide is easy to use and easier to set up. It helps your internal staff focus on other important aspects apart from call routing. With the IVR in your mix, handling large volumes of call is not an issue. If there are seasonal offerings the IVR can support the sudden increase in call volume. The IVR system is fully automatic, meaning the customers are re-directed to the agents as soon as they are free. There is no time lost when the agent tries to physically connect the call to an agent.

IVR is the best way of optimizing your phone calls, it is easy to integrate with the existing call center service - whether customer support or call answering. At Call Center Globally we are capable of customizing the IVR system as per the specific business needs. This will further aid the business processes.

Benefits of Our Services

  • Your internal staff is freed from call answering; they can concentrate on other complex issues
  • Customers are given options - they can speak to the agents or opt for self service option
  • It can reduce your operational costs
  • Scalability to handle any number of calls
  • Easy integration with the other customer service processes

Features of Our Service

  • Features such as Automated Speech Recognition and Text to Speech
  • Simple Integration with any existing system
  • Does not come with any hardware or software that your IT department needs to maintain

Our Services

  • Company Directory Maintenance
  • Automation of Customer Service
  • Scheduling of Appointments
  • Order taking and processing
  • Customer and Employee surveys
  • And many other services

Eliminate the annoying factors for customers from your business operations with the IVR solutions. The solutions are scalable and thus offer complete value for money. For more information about the service Contact us.