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Technology is the Decisive Factor

In the fast paced modern business scenario technology plays a vital part. Call Center Globally can give its clients a technological advantage. We utilize best in line technologies to offer flawless services.

Technology has slowly crept into every business domain. Businesses cannot keep themselves aloof from the use of technologies. But, before implementing technologies there should be a deep thought put into their viability. At Call Center Globally we offer technological solutions with a proven track record and modern thinking. These technologies when utilized in our processes give us a scope to streamline the work process and make it more efficient. As the needs from an outsourced call center are varying from the client's perspective, so we can customize each of our technologies to suit business processes.

Technologies We Utilize

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response): This technology enables us to make waiting times more valuable for the callers.
  • WFM (Workforce Management): The technology is used to monitor and track the performance of employees, schedule tasks and account for the leaves or shift change requests. Again helps in uninterrupted workflow.
  • Softphone Software: We utilize the CISCO network for all our calls. It helps in gaining better voice quality and reduces call drop rates.

Research and Development

Before selecting a technology for our processes there is a significant research conducted. We do not include a technology just for the sake of it. We look for facets such as:

  • Reduction in time and effort
  • Bringing better transparency in workflow
  • Securing data
  • Scopes for customization
  • Cost efficiency in the business processes

Our development team is capable of customizing each of our presently used technologies to the specific needs of the clients.

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