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Winning Back the Favor of Hispanics with Multi-lingual Support

The Challenge

Our client, who was a leading telecommunications provider, was losing more customers than normal especially among the Hispanic market area. The company was on the lookout for call center solution which would help them win back the Hispanic market base without spending exorbitant amounts. A process targeting the Hispanics is very challenging. Use of marketing messages that are translated into Spanish was not bearing any fruit for the client. Previously the company had tried utilizing its internal staff to perform all the calling, but it was not god enough to win back the trust. Read More..


When We Enhanced Sales with our Services

The Challenge

Our client was the owner of largest retail chain in his domain. He thrived on sales generated through Television and Online promotions. The client got huge traffic to the website. But, our client came across a disturbing trend. Though there were thousands of visits to the website, but the sales were quite ordinary in contrast. On closer inspection it was found that the abandon shopping cart rates were abnormally high. The agents were failing in order capturing and processing service enquiries instantly. Our client turned to us for a solution and we got to work. Read More..

Improving Credit Card Acquisitions

The Challenge

Client was a leading US banker who endeavored to create a long term solution for the existing acquisition programs. Our client had so far invested in quantity, which led to poor turnovers for investments. With the “quantity over quality” strategy the bank was obtaining customers quite quickly but these were not long term customers. The situation was compounded by the inadequate skills and training for the internal marketing and customer service teams. The bank wanted to better its acquisition strategy and retain its customers for the long haul. Our client turned to us to provide the adequate strategy, training while meeting the compliance needs. He even asked us to set the adequate measuring metrics. Read More..

Reading Customer Minds for Our Client

The Challenge

Our client was a leading health insurance provider in the US and wanted to conduct an expansive survey before making a vital business decision. The survey would be conducted among 20,000 existing customers and 40,000 customers of our client’s competitors across a specific target market. The intention of this survey was to understand the preferences of users in regards to referral of their health insurance plan. Our client asked us to conduct the survey on the Bling Phone Survey methodology where there will be no mention of our client’s insurance company. Read More..

Chat Support Services

The Challenge

The client is one of the leading online departmental stores which maintain an assortment of international and national brands of clothing, fashion accessories and footwear for men, women and kids. It also deals in home decor products and gifts. The survey would be conducted among 20,000 existing customers and 40,000 customers of our client's competitors across a specific target market. Read More..