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CaseStudy 1

Winning Back the Favor of Hispanics with Multi-lingual Support

The Challenge

Our client, who was a leading telecommunications provider, was losing more customers than normal especially among the Hispanic market area. The company was on the lookout for call center solution which would help them win back the Hispanic market base without spending exorbitant amounts. A process targeting the Hispanics is very challenging. Use of marketing messages that are translated into Spanish was not bearing any fruit for the client. Previously the company had tried utilizing its internal staff to perform all the calling, but it was not god enough to win back the trust.

Things to Ponder

We could understand the concerns of our client. Losing the Hispanic market segment could impact the business quite drastically as:

  • Hispanics present the fastest growing market segment in the US and reaching out to them is a part of every brand’s policy.
  • The present power of the Hispanic market is estimated to be around $1 Trillion.
  • More than 30 million residents of the US speak Spanish, and it is the second most spoken language in the country.
  • Hispanic population communicates in two primary languages – English and Spanish. The levels of comfort do differ from person to person.


Our Approach

With our years of experience in servicing Hispanic customers we understood their needs.

  • We analyzed the customer data and found that Spanish communications to the customers were not satisfactory.
  • We recruited agents who were equally good in Spanish as they were in English.
  • We created marketing materials and brochures that would specifically target the Hispanic market segment.
  • Our agents were trained to ask the customer about language of preference. We understand that the English language proficiency among the Hispanics varies.
  • As most of our agents were bi-lingual so they could handle the surge of Spanish language enquiries. At other times they could be used in regular processes.


The Effect

  • Within a month of using our solution, the client generated twice the revenue than before.
  • The Customer Satisfaction scores were up once again and the marketing goals were met.
  • Our consistent results have encouraged the client to keep on working with us for the last four years. More than 40% of the present outgoing calls are targeted towards the Hispanics.


Where We Deviated from the Norm?

  • We employed agents with sharp understanding of both English and Spanish.
  • These agents went through a special training on the culture and norms of Hispanic community so that they could customize their communications.
  • Each customer would be greeted in Spanish and then asked for a language of preference.
  • All the supporting written information would be provided in Spanish or English based on the language preference of customers.