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IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Interactivity and Quick Solutions are the Keys

Busy lifestyle demands quick solutions. When the customers call they do not want to be queued, rather they are searching for quick solutions. Our Interactive Voice Response services can help meet these needs.

It is a proven fact that customers feel irritated when they are left on call queues and call holds. The customer experience declines drastically. This is why the need of the hour is an intelligent IVR system that can provide self-service options, provide a humane touch and make the call time worth it for customers. Technology has come a big way into call center outsourcing industry, and we utilize all the available IVR technologies to gift our clients an intelligent and well monitored automated response system. If the call volumes are high, call holds are an inevitable result. But the call holds do not have to be irritating for the customers, when they are designed by the knowledgeable experts At Call Center Globally. Add to this our round the clock contact center and customer support services, we can be just the partner you were looking for.

Where we are Different?

  • Our IVR systems are user friendly, so there is no scope of the customer getting lost in the array of options.
  • Our system can put the customer on queues and connect them to the live representatives as soon as they are free or are needed.
  • The system can identify when there are repeat calls from a customer within a span of few days. This means the agents are not being able to provide ideal solutions. In such a scenario we connect the call to supervisors.
  • The IVR system is able to recognize the profitable prospects for your business and send them in front of the queue.
  • The profitable prospects are quickly connected to our live representatives.
  • The representatives chosen for your process are best in class and selection is based on a rating system.

IVR Features

  • IVR Customization
  • Lead Generation
  • Intelligent Call Routing
  • API Integration
  • Customer Service Helpline
  • Text-to-Speech conversion
  • Agent Locator
  • Service Level Updates
  • Order Status Information
  • Payment Gateway Management
  • Automated Attendant
  • Real Time Change Deployment
  • Pre/Post Call Announcement
  • Call Recording
  • Customer Account Queries
  • Company Promotion
  • Store Locator
  • Surveys
  • Upselling
  • Real Time Monitoring and Reporting

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