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Seminar & Event Registration

Get Maximum Attendance for Your Event with our services. We call and answer calls for registration.

Call Center Globally presents a great way to maximize the attendance and reach of your seminars and other events. By outsourcing the seminar and event need to us you can concentrate on the most important thing that is arranging and planning for the event. Our agents can answer and process all the calls for registration. Our services are open for 24 hours, so the attendees can register at times they feel comfortable. We will set up a toll free number and update the system likewise. With the integration of the toll free number into the system, all the details of your seminar are available within a few clicks. As a part of our set up an email or SMS or both are sent to the attendee once the registration process is complete.

Features of Our Service
  • Pre and Post Event Follow-ups
  • Lead Generation to find more attendees
  • Upselling for exhibitor or sponsor
  • Multilingual Support
  • Registrations for Live Agent
  • Fulfillment of Literature or Brochure

Benefits of Our Service

  • Customized services for events of any size
  • Capability of handling events from any industry
  • Extensive experience of registering for events
  • Detailed reporting options that can be customized
  • Compliant to government norms

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