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Multilingual Support

At Call Center Globally we offer call center services in various languages such as Spanish, French, English, etc. which will help you effectively communicate with specific customers in their own language of preference. Multilingual support has become an important part of the call center industry as North America is the home of so many ethnic communities. To grow business, brands have to communicate with people in their own choice of language. When a business has the capability of communicating with customers in various relevant languages, the brand can completely utilize the scopes existing in the market and gain a higher customer acquisition percentage than the competitors.

Why do brands need multilingual support services?

  • Spanish is the second most popular and spoken language in the US after English
  • There is a large group of Spanish speaking people in the country
  • Spanish is second most widely taught language in US higher educational institutions, which quite clearly brings out its importance
  • More than 100 million people across the nation have basic Spanish knowledge skills
  • French is the fourth most popular language in the US and it is spoken by about 175 million people around the globe
  • French is the second official language in Canada

Features of Our Service

  • Recruitment & Training: We assure high quality with our multilingual processes. To ensure this the agents are assessed for their language skills in the interview process. There are tests conducted on language reading, writing, speaking and even translation. Training is given on the areas that need enforcement to selected candidates.
  • Consistent Calling: The recruited agents converse in only one language throughout their shift time. It Increases their language communication skills and brings in consistency.
  • Neutrality of Accent: When languages are spoken with a heavy accent they can affect the communication. We make sure that all the agents are accent neutral in the language they speak.
  • Employee Incentives: We attract the best bilingual agents with our special incentive policies for fluent French and Spanish speakers.
  • Billing Segregation: When billing, we create separate bills for each of the languages. This means that spending can be tracked based on the language support.

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