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Lead Generation Service

We Generate Opportunities for your Sales Force to Convert. Allow your sales team to do the thing they can do best i.e. Sell.

In a marketing campaign often the most overlooked aspect is converting prospects into leads. The brands do not take into account the value of conversation. When the marketing efforts bring a customer to the doorsteps of a company through voice call, chats, social media or click to call, the person is still not sure. The person has a host lot of questions in the mind. It is the responsibility of a brand to answer these questions. If the questions are answered on time, then the prospect has a high probability of being converted into lead. This is what we do best at Call Center Globally. We take the questions of prospects and give viable answers. We understand that prospects have a mind of their own, so we offer assistance round the clock.

How Our Service Works?

Converting a prospect into a customer needs a prospect centric approach. The agents have to convert the interest of the prospect into a sales lead. To get this done, the agents have to rely on the right flow of emotions and convincing power. The conversation would often start with a professional answer to the call in a manner that best suits the caller. The agent will next quiz the caller to get information that helps the sales team close down the sales. In this process we can use our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System or use the clients existing system. If our client has a large sales team we can route the leads based on criteria set by the client such as routing by territory, qualification, experience, sales lead rotation, etc. We can even share the information on lead conversion during the set up stage.

Our Services

  • B2B Lead Generation
  • B2C Lead Generation
  • Email Lead Generation
  • SMS Lead Generation
  • Data Export for Marketing Campaigns
  • Lead Earning through Fax
  • Click to Call Handling
  • Web Portal Lead Generation

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