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Work Culture

Nothing is More Important than Our Clients

At Call Center Globally we have a perfect ambience to cater successful results with our processes. Though our floors are fast paced but there is a level of tranquility too. This is the ideal combination helping our agents give their best efforts day in and day out. In outsourced call center services fast paced actions, quick thinking and proactive approach are important. But alongside, it is also important to stay calm and collected. Our agents are able to manage both these aspects perfectly.

Source of Our Reputation

We have gained a reputation for providing clients with good ROI. This reputation owes a great deal to the work culture we have in place At Call Center Globally.

  • Freedom with Least Intervention: Our agents enjoy a certain level of freedom, where their work is not hampered by the influence of hierarchy. The management leaves it upon the employees to understand their work and carry them out perfectly. The management would only intervene when there is need to. The management helps the employees with regular training programs that enhance their skills even further.
  • Confident Handling: We understand our employees perfectly. Our agents are not thrust into a process they cannot handle. We take a note of their likes and dislikes before allotting work. It helps them show great confidence in the work they do and it is also reflected when they communicate with the customers.
  • Staying Together: All our teams uphold high team spirit. None of the agents are burdened with excessive work; the work is spread evenly through the team by the management. We encourage the senior agents to help out the juniors. The managers are also earnest in helping their subordinates in the problem areas.
  • Job Satisfaction: We have an innovative mind and that helps our employees learn new tricks of the trade every odd day. This keeps away the boredom of having to do the same thing over and over again. There are also scopes for the agents to rise through the ranks with our Internal Promotion Policy.
  • No Discrimination: Our processes are transparent. The metrics we use to measure performances are known to the employees as soon as they join Call Center Globally. So, there is no opportunity for discrimination and partiality.
  • Close Knit Family: Our teams have a family like bonding. Teammates become more than colleagues and often the bonding goes beyond the company premises. This helps the teams to stay focused on a single goal.

What We Strive to Achieve?

  • To stay connected with our clients and help them with our inputs whenever it is called for.
  • Take time in understanding the expectations and goals of a client.
  • Ensure that no hurdle will affect the end business deliverables.
  • Offer advanced infrastructure and best industry practices to come up with premium solutions.
  • Look to keep our service prices as budget friendly as possible.

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