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Government Departments

Public Seeks Answers and Government is Bound to provide them

Unlike the private sector, customer support is not an option but a compulsion for the public sector. Government departments receive a huge volume of calls asking for information. We can handle these calls or emails with our infrastructure.

Public bodies are bound to provide proper information to the citizens regarding their queries. It is not about brand image; rather it is a task that must be done. The complexity of the calls makes it difficult for under trained employees to provide viable answers. This is why the government departments need to outsource call center services to a company with a proven track record. Giving importance to every call is necessary and a proactive approach should be taken by the call handler. This is what we teach our agents At Call Center Globally. They are trained to meet the specific needs of the government department customer support.

Why you can rely on us?

  • We have handled support processes for various government departments. This experience helps us handle calls with accuracy and professionalism.
  • We have the infrastructure and technology to meet the departmental call handling needs of Local, State and Federal Government agencies.
  • We train our agents on the processes and specific terminologies used within a department. This helps our agents answer calls more efficiently.
  • We can help you select the way to receive messages- screened, unscreened, SMS texting, voicemail or email.
  • Call forwards can be activated and any number of lines can be used.
  • We would transfer the call to the concerned authorities when the solution or answer is out of our comprehension.
  • We can offer multi-lingual support, which can meet the needs of the non-English speakers in the area.
  • Government agencies lose a lot of data due to man-made or natural disasters. We would provide an ideal disaster recovery solution for the specific needs.

Our Services

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  • Help Desk
  • Dispatch Services
  • Hotlines
  • Customer Service

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