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At Call Center Globally we have 3-tier network system architecture in place. Our L3 core design and servers terminate into the core providing non-stop connectivity. Our network fabric is enabled with port level physical attributes and about 384 ports in each floor. The network transport and internet connections within the premises are reliable. The inbound voice solutions come with an infrastructure based on CISCO IP based phones. The call center infrastructure has distributed dialer architecture and overall integration with CISCO solution. The predictive dialer comes with real time caller list management. We have the capability to create custom applications that help us provide seamless support for processes. Features of some applications that we use in the processes are:

System for Voice and Screen Captures

  • Has the capability to record all the customer interactions
  • Access and capture is based on the authentication and sign off of customers
  • Web based replays
  • Tagging of data (Disposition, Agent ID, Call Duration & Timing, etc.)
  • Option for file downloads
  • Search option based on Queries

Quality Monitoring System

  • Various selection criteria for the Quality Monitoring
  • Selection criteria can be changed online
  • Multiple ranking and scoring ways
  • Graphical report generation

Power Facilities within the Premise

At Call Center Globally we try to stay prepared for any unnecessary disturbances. We have a generator fitted with the delivery center that can provide back up in situations where primary source fails. All the systems are connected with UPS to stop any loss of data. The devices are further backed by dual power arrangement and independent power paths. Features of our power supply include:

  • 1500 KVA availability
  • A Primary source of power
  • 500 KVA facilities load handling capability
  • Generator Backup up to 24 hours to provide uninterrupted work
  • UPS capacity is 4X120 KVA

Apart from this, if there is any specific need for a process we make the arrangements. We have supported many inbound and outbound call center processes over the years and can make quick custom arrangements for processes.

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