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Recruitment & Retention

Employees are the most important assets for a company and we do our bit to keep them happy. Only the most talented professionals work for us.

Our agents are at the heart of our success in large as well as small processes. They are people who interact with the customers and please them. They are people who uphold the good name of Call Center Globally. This is why we use detailed screening before recruitment and follow extensive retention practices. Our policies make sure that the best, efficient, innovative and hard working people work for us. Our recruitment system also makes sure that the best services are dished out to our clients every time.

Our Recruitment System

We have a systematic recruitment process in place for every employee working at Call Center Globally. Our first round of interview is conducted over the phone where the communication skills and over the phone presence of the employee is judged. If the applicant meets the requirements then he/she will have to appear for a face to face interview in which the applicant will be tested for:

  • Grammar skills (both oral and written)
  • Customer service as well as sales skills
  • Computer skills such as spelling and typing
  • Internet proficiency
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Personal character traits such as professionalism and friendliness

At times the candidates are thrown into various situations to check their behavior tendencies. If the candidate gets through all the stages then we carry out reference checks to understand history of the candidate. After we are completely satisfied, we will offer a position to the candidate.

Our Retention Policies

Retaining the employees is an important aspect for any organization. But for us keeping our quality employees and managers is crucial. We go to any extent to keep our employees happy. We organize various motivational and incentive programs to rejuvenate our employees. We have recorded a high retention rate due to our monthly bonuses, competitive compensation, employee recognitions, flexible work hours, friendly employee contests and fair policies. We understand how happiness of our employees can translate into better work outputs. We have one of the strongest employee retention rates and lowest employee turnover rates in the contact center industry.

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