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WFM (Workforce Management )

For Better Scheduling and Employee Engagement

The Workforce Management solution needs to be customized to fit in the complexity of any process. The forecasts coming from the software should help the management take clear sighted actions. We can help you integrate such a system within your organization.

Scheduling and making forecasts based on the data is a time consuming process. It puts a lot of stress on the management. Why not automate the process with Workforce Management solutions? The key to an effective WFM system is easy to use interface. This would enable the employees to know their schedules and performance ratings. At Call Center Globally, we can provide such a system that would lead to more employee engagement and thus efficient operations. We have been helping businesses simplify their business processes for many years and understand the exact expectations from a WFM solution. We spend significant time in planning and setting the exact features applicable for your employees.

Our Strengths

  • No matter what number of employees or how many contact channels your company operates in, we can offer you the perfect solution.
  • Our solution is capable of factoring multiple contact channels, departments, methodologies and skills to come up with schedules and forecasts.
  • Real time information about service queues and employee adherence of employees, which enables you to take action on time.
  • Simple interface and tools which serve as a motivation for the employees to request time offs, apply for leaves, exchange shifts and even share ideas.
  • The information gathered in the software is stored on Cloud based server for data security.
  • The software can be scaled up (both in terms of size and complexity) keeping pace with the company's growth.

Features of Our WFM Solution

  • Performance Manager Module
  • Back Office Support
  • Interaction Analytics
  • Employee Leave Process
  • Shift Exchange
  • Manager Privileges

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