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Chat Support

Quick Replies for Quick Resolution

Our forte lies in quick response, instant problem resolution, good rapport building and escalations without any time gap. All these facets make our services highly desirable for brands that care.

Chat Support is a welcome addition to the customer and business engagements. Chats have become a mode to ask for immediate help, information regarding sales or customer service. It is convenient for the customers and they just love to use chats. Brands too can leverage the potential of this new engagement tool. But speed and accuracy is very important in chat support services. This is what we At Call Center Globally provide. We can handle multiple customer queries at once and strengthen brand reputation with all our communications. When we handle your chat support services you will see a rise in the sales figures and experience high customer retention.

What Our Agents Offer?

  • They have good typing speeds which helps them stay in the conversation.
  • Good vocabulary, which helps them understand and reply accurately to the jargons.
  • Well trained professionals can provide viable solutions or answers to the issues raised.
  • Agents can handle a large volume of incoming chat messages and get back to the customers within the shortest duration.
  • They can help the customers place an order or use features at a website with their chat support.
  • Our agents can cross sell and upsell a product based on the tempo of conversation.
  • They can collect real time data from the website visitors.
  • Their assistance can help e-commerce sales.

Why choose us?

  • We provide a secure environment where there will be no loss of data.
  • We create an elaborate report (based on features such as customer satisfaction, checkout errors, shopping cart abandonment, etc.) and share all the necessary customer metrics with the clients.
  • We strive to achieve a high first contact resolution, which keeps the customers happy.
  • Processes are handled by the experts having high knowledge in the business domain.

Our Services

  • Technical Support
  • Online Credit Application
  • Website Response via Chat Support
  • Purchase of Products or Services
  • Filling of Insurance Claims

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