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Inbound Appointment Scheduling

Setting Appointments does not have to be a pain anymore. We help clients organize their day to day schedule with our services.

At Call Center Globally we are offering a full range of inbound appointment scheduling service through our inbound call center team. Whatever may be your inbound appointment scheduling needs we can help you meet those. If you do have sufficient budget, time or staffing levels for in-house scheduling services then let us fill in the gap with our 24 hour services. We can not only make new appointments but also cancel or reschedule the appointments or meetings for a later date. We keep the clients informed about their schedule with our latest tools.

Who can Use Inbound Appointment Scheduling?

The service is utilized by a large range of business sectors. It becomes very important in a number of scenarios. Attorneys can use the appointment scheduling services to set up an initial consultation for clients. The contractors can manage their client meetings better with the scheduling services. When the business owners have too many appointments to take care of, they can always use this professional service to sort the day for them.

Features of Our Service

When you come to Call Center Globally, we offer you an appointment scheduling software that needs to be filled with all the relevant business and personal information. The scheduler can be customized in as many ways as possible. Some of the features in the software include:

  • Creating Prompts
  • Setting email Templates
  • Setting Holiday Notifications
  • Managing all the users

Our Services

One of our trained agents will answer all calls coming to your front office. The person will be courteous and spontaneous in replies. The agent will collect all information and input the customized information. The agent will use the appointment scheduler software to make or change any appointment. Our services are:

  • Setting New Appointments
  • Making Changes to Existing Appointments

Benefits of Our Service

  • No double booking or mistakes
  • 24 hour appointment scheduling
  • No missed appointment calls
  • Better efficiency
  • Projection of a big presence that is ideal for your business

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