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Outbound Appointment Scheduling

Save time of your callers with the professional outbound appointment scheduling services of Call Center Globally.

Outbound appointment scheduling is very useful service for many businesses. At Call Center Globally we provide outbound appoint scheduling services according to specific needs of a business. You may belong to any industry or run any size of business our professionals can handle the outbound appointment scheduling tasks for you. We have a flexible approach to work and want to meet the end desires of our clients.

How the Service Works?

Call Center Globally offers appointment scheduling services round the clock as par instructions shared on shared calendar platform. Generally the call center services are focused on inbound services such as arranging for meetings. But in terms of outbound appointment scheduling the agent receives a customer call and then connects it to an answering service. The relevant data is immediately transferred to the answering service including the calendar containing details of all appointment schedules. We can also support online scheduling processes, which is quite popular among the modern day customers. The online scheduling is easier and faster for the companies. The agents can assign an appointment date to the callers with a possibility to check in later on the website to gather updated information. This is a specialized service and is offered by only a few contact centers.

Benefits of Our Service

  • We save time and efforts of the internal team
  • We offer efficient scheduling services
  • Our agents make sure that there are no double entries leading to confusions
  • Customers can get meetings scheduled quickly and without any delay
  • We use latest technology in the process
  • Our 24X7 services assure that no call is missed and appointments are set on time
  • We can also offer Reminder Services that make sure appointments are never missed
  • There is scope for online confirmations and re-scheduling for the customers

Our Services

  • Special Scheduling
  • Appointment Re-scheduling
  • Appointment Reminder
  • Customizable Service Calls
  • Special Event Calls
  • And many other services

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