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Social Media Monitoring Services

What are they talking about? Are they talking positive or negative about you? How to utilize the social media buzz? Answers lie in our services.

Social media plays a big role in businesses, but most of the companies still have not figured out the art of integrating the social media with their core business. Most brands listen and track conversations that relate to them. Knowing what is being said in the social networks is also great, but answering the dialogues in time can really help your brand grow. It will differentiate your brand from host of others. Our services help you reap benefits of a social media campaign, planning events and integrating social media into core business and promotion aspects. With our tools and services you positively and proactively gain positive responses from social media channels.

Features of Our Service

  • Social Media Dialogues Monitoring: It helps you learn what customers are saying about your brand and that of your competitors.
  • Setting up Dynamic Offers: It will help brands set up personalized offers on social channels and create other strategies to drive sales.
  • Customer Interaction Management: Real time answering to customer requests and queries is possible with our services. We help in building and nurturing long term relations.
  • Effective Marketing: We help brands understand the motivations and opinions of their target customer base. This helps in building marketing campaigns around customer expectations.

Benefits of Our Service

  • We help brands have a competitive edge over their closest competitors. We help in simplifying multi channel engagement and deliver uniform and customized services for the customers.
  • With timely responses and metrics to understand the trends of social media engagement, we help brands keep their customers happy. The happy customers have no reason to switch brands and thus we help in customer retention.
  • We offer real time measurement of all customer interactions, this helps in marketing and sales campaigns based on customer behavior and preferences.

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