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CaseStudy 2

When We Enhanced Sales with our Services

The Challenge

Our client was the owner of largest retail chain in his domain. He thrived on sales generated through Television and Online promotions. The client got huge traffic to the website. But, our client came across a disturbing trend. Though there were thousands of visits to the website, but the sales were quite ordinary in contrast. On closer inspection it was found that the abandon shopping cart rates were abnormally high. The agents were failing in order capturing and processing service enquiries instantly. Our client turned to us for a solution and we got to work.

Things to Ponder

  • Though the promotional campaigns were doing their bit, that is getting visitors to the website, yet there was a gap created which led to high abandon shopping cart rates.
  • The strategy we needed to implement would help the client increase the conversion rates as well as gain new customers.
  • Our services would have to reduce the return and cancel rates for orders already placed.
  • We had to generate high customer satisfaction which would instigate customers to make repeat purchases with the store.


Our Approach

Our management team pondered over the situation and as ever came up with a unique solution to ease the discomfort of our client.

  • We provided our client with Live Web Chat services to help the visitors instantly in their pre and post purchase cycles.
  • The agents allocated in the process were experienced chat customer service representatives who caught the right veins in their communications.
  • We implemented proactive customer engagement technology in the chat process.
  • There was a pay-for-performance scheme whereby the agents were rewarded for meeting the goals.
  • We offered a special service model whereby fees of service depended on the overall performance of the team.


The Effect

  • Our experienced live chat agents helped the customers move through the purchase process and completed the purchase process, thereby reducing the shopping cart abandon rates.
  • Our analytics wing reported that customers who spent time in chatting spent 37% more than those that did not.
  • Our client witnessed 13% drop in order cancellation or return rates after implementing our live chat services.
  • The previous chat-assisted customers placed more orders by returning to the website.


Where We Deviated from the Norm?

  • We were ready to offer a special service model whereby fees of service depended on the overall performance.
  • We used duly trained and experienced chat customer service agents for the process to create an instant impact.
  • We trained our agents on the areas they need to get involved and touch points where the customers can be left on their own.