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Chat Support Services

Client’s Profile

The client is one of the leading online departmental stores which maintain an assortment of international and national brands of clothing, fashion accessories and footwear for men, women and kids. It also deals in home decor products and gifts. The survey would be conducted among 20,000 existing customers and 40,000 customers of our client’s competitors across a specific target market. The intention of this survey was to understand the preferences of users in regards to referral of their health insurance plan. Our client asked us to conduct the survey on the Bling Phone Survey methodology where there will be no mention of our client’s insurance company.

Client’s Prerequisites

At the onset of winters especially during the peak season of Christmas when the demand for online shopping increases and the web traffic intensifies, the clients wanted to ensure they met its revenue goals and sustained its exceptional online experience. Studies have shown that 70% of online guests quit their checkout process due to the complications in the web traffic which often lead to unanswered queries and unexplained charges. Client specified that due to the competitive environment, losing a single customer was unaffordable.

Solutions we Created

After thorough discussions with the client regarding the concerns of the market which was then followed by a brainstorming session and with the guidance and intelligence of experienced veteran we drew up a list of possible solutions. Considering the surrounding factors associated with the solution a few results from the list were ruled out and then a rationale and prudent explanation was drawn. We used time tested procedures and methodologies which was accompanied by contemporary practices and tools.

Our Process was Defined as:

  • We created a channel for web chat sales to meet the growing demands of customers.
  • Queries could be addressed in several languages through the multi-lingual support.
  • The module was integrated with regulatory reports and performance reporting.
  • Flexible enough to manage more than two customers at a time.
  • In addition to these we increased our staffs to meet the requirements of customer queries 24*7.
  • This was followed by stringent quality monitoring, state of the art technology and deep business intelligence.
  • With our enhanced staffing solutions, top-notch training programs and roll out proficiencies it was easier for us to deliver exceptional results.

Benefits to the Clients

  • The cost per chat session was lesser.
  • Conversion rates went up.
  • Scalable solution for future.
  • We made sure the process was smooth.
  • We assured that every customers queries were addressed systematically and thoroughly.
  • The client stated that there was 95% improvement in their online sales in comparison to last year.
  • The client further asserted that customer complaints were cut by more than 85%.
  • The best part was enhanced customer satisfaction which was better than most of the days. As chat conversations provided the customer with better clarity in comparison to conversations on the phone. The initial results were above goal which fetched the company with stellar customer experience and 95% increased sales.

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